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A personal letter from the owner:
First, let me introduce myself to you. I am Mario Philippou, and my wife Linda and I are owners of Mountain Maids of Colorado  and Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service. I am originally from South Africa, Linda is originally from California and we have 3 teenage children that we are raising. We have lived in Colorado for many years and LOVE it here.

We are a FAMILY owned business and we strive to know EACH AND EVERY ONE of our customers personally. Every one of our customers is important to us and it is our goal to provide the best possible service at an affordable price. We try to tailor our service to meet your budget and requirements. Unlike some of our competition we provide personalised service and  we will be happy to work with you to make our service affordable. Often that may mean cleaning just certain rooms, or limiting the time, etc. Whatever it takes!

There are a lot of cleaning companies out there .. some are good, some are fair and some are just plain bad!! Why should you choose us over the others? That is a good question! The fact is that we all draw from the same pool of employees. The key difference is the way the company is managed. I have been running this business for over 17 years now and CARE about each one of my CUSTOMERS and each one of my EMPLOYEES! The fact of the matter is if you have a HAPPY EMPLOYEE they will do the best they can for the CUSTOMER! We  do HAVE HAPPY EMPLOYEES! In all our years of being in business it is RARE for one of our employees to leave to go work for our competition. Usually if they leave it is to persue another position outside of cleaning that they feel is a good move for them and we encourage them to do what they can to better themselves. Our employees have no reason to leave us to join another cleaning service .. they LOVE working for us, they feel part of the FAMILY, they are cared for and encouraged and it SHOWS in the quality of their work ..the work they do in YOUR home!

When you are hiring a cleaning service ask this question... are you being charged by the hour or by the job? How much time will actually be spent cleaning your home? If the company is VAGUE about how much time they will spend in your home there is a REASON...and it is this... Their employees are being paid a percentage of the job rather than on an hourly basis.

So for example if you are paying $100 and they have 3 employees in your home each being paid 20% of the job, that would mean each employee earns $20.00 for doing your home. HERE is where there is a problem... if the employees take 2 hours each to clean your home, then they earn $10 per hour, BUT if they can RUSH through your home and get it done in 1 hour then they have made $20 per hour. That's nice for the employee but NOT good for the customers. In the first scenario they spent a total of 6 work hours in your home for the $100 you spent, in the second case they spent only 3 work hours for this same $100. THE lack of QUALITY of the job in the second case WILL SHOW! The other thing is because they are rushing they WILL land up breaking a LOT of things in your home!!

THE PROBLEM with this is that the way the employees are compensated forces them to RUSH. Initially they may do a good job in your home, but after a while they will take less and less time in your home but you will still continue to pay the same rate even though you are getting less work! In addition, if the company has under quoted the job the employees feel like they are being cheated because they cannot earn a fair amount in the amount of time they need to do the job .. so they do a bad job for you .. neither you or the employee wins .. the only person winning is the company. as a company WE do not want to do this to our employees or our customers. Our goal is to charge a fair price, give you a realistic expectation of what you will get for what you are paying, pay our employees fairly so that they provide you with quality service. .. win,win,win for all!!

Give us a try, there is no long term commitment ... I am sure once you have tried us out you will not feel the need to look any further!

Thank You for considering us

Mario Philippou
Mountain Maids of Colorado
Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service

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